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Obtaining her Masters Degree in Biomedical Engineering with a concentration in Polymer Studies from NYU Polytechnic in Brooklyn, New York was the main stepping stone towards her applying biology along with technical engineering principles to provide innovation in the fields of medical instrumentation, researching medical ailments and product development.

During her years of study she also designed a internal bluetooth operated device used to detect abnormal neurological changes in the body before a seizure occured in epilipsy patients, the readings would then be sent wirelessly to the patient's doctor in an EKG/ECG format and lastly the device would trigger the transdermal alternative medicine patch located on the patient to supress the seizure with the compatible complimentary medicine.


Not a moment later after being accepted into North Carolina A&T State University for a Bachelors in Chemical Engineering she knew this was the direction to go in reference to her life long passion of using fundemental thinking while constructing a feasible module would lead to a novel invention highly demanded by consumers. This method of thinking lead her to a successful internship at 3M where she created a pilot size machine for adhesive coating and a productive job at Proctor & Gamble establishing a foam stablity mechanism in soap concentrated products using a novel polymer combination.

Constantly infatuated with this field she has continued to do constant research and self studies on new cancer developments, diabetic clinical trials and multiple sclerosis breakthroughs - just to name a few, to better assist her on the chemical imbalance of the body and how it relates to these specific diseases.

Skincare Specialist

Upon taking the big move to Miami Florida she new this was the place OMG must start it's flagship. Always having a love for science and health she also adored beauty.

Acting on every goal she could conquer, in three years she became a licensed Florida Paramedical Skincare Specialist and is certified in the following: Arurveda, Aromatherapy, Herbogoly, Microdermabrasion and Rapid Exfoliants/Peels. Once graduating she felt like she had finally completed the last part of OMG's knowledgable foundation needed to start the company on the right perspective.

The skills she obtained through this degree lead her to focus on cosmetic research for women involving cell renewal and anti-aging product improvement but later this evolved into an overall passion of discovering natural wellness for the human race...AND AT LAST HERE IS OHMYGOSH!!!


Candice Frederick


Alternative Medicine
Spa/Salon Formulations